Jochen Lempert
Published by Keijiban, Kanazawa, 2023, offset print (b/w ill.), 21 × 28.8 cm, English
Price: €150

Edition of 100 copies numbered and signed by the artist on a certificate, plus 13 artist’s proofs.

As the Latinization of the Japanese name akebi, “akebia” designates fives species of plants native to East Asia. These are climbing evergreen shrubs that have been used in many ways (decoration, medicine, craft), including for the consumption of its sweet, white fruit. Delicately placed at the center of the composition, the leaf appears in this work as in an herbarium, its familiar but inexhaustible form offered to the viewers for their contemplation. But a closer examination reveals a constellation of water droplets on the surface, as well as irregular edges – and we finally understand that the leaf is a photographic cut-out. Just for a moment, we mistook the reproduction for its original. What appeared to be a clear reference to the standards of scientific, botanical representation drifts off towards another domain.

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Natural sources
Jochen Lempert
Published by Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, 2022, card (b/w ill.), 10.4 × 14.7 cm, English
Price: €3 (Out of stock)

Produced on the occasion of Jochen Lempert’s exhibition Natural sources at Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, 10 September–4 December, 2022.

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Jochen Lempert
Published by Roma Publications, Amsterdam & Portikus, Frankfurt, date, 112 pages with poster insert (b/w ill.), 21 × 29 cm, English / German
Price: €32

Produced on the occasion of the solo exhibition Jochen Lempert at Portikus in Frankfurt. With a mix of new and older photos, Lempert composed a sequence showing different ways to look at pairs. With an essay from Portikus director Yasmil Raymond. Concept by Jochen Lempert in collaboration with Alexander Mayer. Designed by Roger Willems.

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Jochen Lempert
Published by Keijiban, Kanazawa, 2021, hand-colored offset print on 215 kg Vent Nouveau V snow white paper (colour & b/w ill.), 20.5 × 14.6 cm, English
Price: €195 (Out of stock)

Edition of sixty copies numbered and signed by the artist on a certificate and twelve artist’s proofs.

Halo is a unique specimen in Jochen Lempert’s body of work. While the artist is known for his distinctive black and white analogue photographs, for this edition he also included colour. Obviously, this is a subtle, careful, and consistent shift. The photograph here is only partially hand-coloured, with a pale yellow that is perfectly in tune with the nuances of the grey.

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4 Frogs
Jochen Lempert
Published by Editions P, Marseille, 2010, 28 pages (b/w ill.), 20 × 27 cm, English
Price: €35 (Out of stock)

Produced on the occasion of the artist’s exhibition ONYCHOPHORA, held at Valence, Art 3 in November 2010. One day old frogs were placed on photographic paper, to which the artist explains that as on jumps and the image is created, it produces the illusion of a fifth frog as the movement is being recorded.

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Jochen Lempert
Published by More Publishers, Brussels, 2018, leporello (b/w ill.), 13.3 × 30 cm (unfolded 80 × 30 cm), English
Price: €250 (Out of stock)

Produced by More Publishers as part of Hors-série (# 126). Offset print on Olin Regular Absolute White 250 gsm. Signed and numbered edition of 40 (+ 10 a.p).

Jochen Lempert photographs the animal world in the most diverse contexts: from their natural habitat to the museum of natural history, from the zoo to the urban environment, in remote places or banal settings and situations. Lempert compiles his findings in a vast archive of images covering an ample spectrum, from common everyday views, to compositions that tend towards abstraction. This interest in the natural world as a subject has been further complemented by his exploration of the properties and materiality of the photographic image. Analogue, black and white, hand-printed in the darkroom, his photographs resist categorization and confront the canons of today’s aesthetic.

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