To Become Two: Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice
Alex Martinis Roe
Published by Archive Books, Berlin; arge kunst, Berlin; Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht; If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want to be Part of Your Revolution, Amsterdam and The Showroom, London, 2018, 280 pages, 12 × 19 cm, English
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To Become Two: Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice offers a narrative of artist Alex Martinis Roe’s research into a genealogy of feminist political practices in Europe and Australia since the 1970s including: Milan Women’s Bookstore co-operative; Psychanalyse et Politique, Paris; Gender Studies (formerly Women’s Studies) at Utrecht University; a network in Sydney; and Duoda—Women’s Research Centre and Ca la Dona, a women’s documentation centre and encounter space in Barcelona. Drawing from their practices and experiences, Martinis Roe’s research proposes a trans-generational approach to feminist politics.

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No Time to Fly
Deborah Hay
Published by CasCo, Utrecht, 2013, 18 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 11.7 × h cm, English
Price: €5

Casco’s issuing of renowned American dancer and choreographer Deborah Hay’s solo dance score No Time to Fly (2010) publicly addresses delay in our lives and work. The experience of delay in our lives and work. The experience of delay indicates the notion of time particular to the contemporary condition of production and communication. It is even more palpable in the practice of publishing. The publication No Time to Fly is motivated by the delayed Casco publication the Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook. Hay’s score prompts one to rethink how to see, respond, behave, and act, especially with respect to our habitual works, sense of disjointed time, and disturbed perception. With cover image by artist Judith Hopf.

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A Well Respected Man, or Book of Echoes
Wendelien van Oldenborgh
Published by Sternberg Press, Berlin & CasCo, Utrecht, 2011, 140 pages (b/w ill.), 21 × 30 cm, English/Dutch/Indonesian Bahasa
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The publication unfolds and draws an open-ended connection between individual and collective struggles and (emotional) conflicts intertwined with the colonial and decolonizing histories of Indonesia and the Netherlands by taking two film works by artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh, No False Echoes (2008) and Instruction (2009), as points of departure. Both films take up rarely spoken fragments of the Dutch colonial past, particularly related to Indonesia, that are dormant but still affective in contemporary Dutch society. With the participation of different historical and contemporary stakeholders set against specific built environments, these two films are presented in the form of photo-novels. The film No False Echoes introduces one of the major historical sources cited in full in the publication, that is, a 1913 essay on national freedom by Soewardi Soeryaningrat, an Indonesian nationalist—or “revolutionary”—whose radical position manifested in the essay is widely known in Indonesia. The reprint of this essay is accompanied by two contemporary responses by Lizzy van Leeuwen and Nuraini Juliastuti, which in turn open another text written in 1935 by Soeryaningrat under a different name, Ki Hajar Dewantara, concerning national education in Indonesia. The latter text indicates the shift in political strategies, which, instead of fearless resistance, moves forward toward gradual building of counter-institutions of “upbringing” of new independent subjects. Designed by Julia Born.

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Two Voices / Due Voci:
Alex Martinis Roe
Published by Verlag der Universität der Künste, Berlin & Casco, Utrecht, 2014, 23.5 cm × 17 cm, 36 pages (colour ill.), English / Italian
Price: €8

An exchange of letters; two mother tongues; two ways to tell a story. What happened during the week-long meetings in 1972 organized by the MLF (Mouvement de libération des femmes) and Psychoanalyse et Politique (which formed in 1968 in Paris), which were attended by some of the women who went on to found The Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective. These encounters gave rise to a series of practices that continue to distinguish the Italian movement. The publication Two Voices offers an opening into this story.

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I Can No Longer Drink Tea
Paul Elliman
Published by Colophon and CasCo, Utrecht, 2012, two (b/w) double-sided fold out posters, 85 × 60 cm (unfolded size)
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British artist Paul Elliman has consistently engaged with the production and performance of language as a material component of the socially constructed environment. In a world where objects and people are equally subject to the force fields of mass production, Elliman explores the range of human expression as kind of typography.

Published as a contribution to David Bennewith’s exhibition Latent Stare at CasCo, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2012.

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