To Become Two: Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice
Alex Martinis Roe
Published by Archive Books, Berlin; arge kunst, Berlin; Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht; If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want to be Part of Your Revolution, Amsterdam and The Showroom, London, 2018, 280 pages, 12 × 19 cm, English
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To Become Two: Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice offers a narrative of artist Alex Martinis Roe’s research into a genealogy of feminist political practices in Europe and Australia since the 1970s including: Milan Women’s Bookstore co-operative; Psychanalyse et Politique, Paris; Gender Studies (formerly Women’s Studies) at Utrecht University; a network in Sydney; and Duoda—Women’s Research Centre and Ca la Dona, a women’s documentation centre and encounter space in Barcelona. Drawing from their practices and experiences, Martinis Roe’s research proposes a trans-generational approach to feminist politics.

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Rereading Appropriation
Published by If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution, Amsterdam, 2016, 632 pages, 15 × 22 cm, English
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Rereading Appropriation reconsiders the artistic strategy of appropriation through later elaborated theories of affect, to explore how an understanding of ‘reciprocal investment’ reconfigures appropriation as an act that is based in connecting, acknowledging and being porous to material. Rereading Appropriation compiles texts read in the sister reading groups of If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution during its Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication (2013–2014).

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Two Voices / Due Voci:
Alex Martinis Roe
Published by Verlag der Universität der Künste, Berlin & Casco, Utrecht, 2014, 23.5 cm × 17 cm, 36 pages (colour ill.), English / Italian
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An exchange of letters; two mother tongues; two ways to tell a story. What happened during the week-long meetings in 1972 organized by the MLF (Mouvement de libération des femmes) and Psychoanalyse et Politique (which formed in 1968 in Paris), which were attended by some of the women who went on to found The Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective. These encounters gave rise to a series of practices that continue to distinguish the Italian movement. The publication Two Voices offers an opening into this story.

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