Melissa Buzzeo
Published by Fivehundred places, Berlin, 2017, 15.1 × 11.2 cm, English
Price: €10

If I am a Silueta is from Melissa Buzzeo’s poetic memoir in progress. These poems have the sense of being taken from an ongoing stream, flowing onto each other and repeating to wild, cumulative affect. Body and psyche are tangled and aching, angry and tender. The silueta is the shape used—in recent memory—by Ana Mendieta, and present in sculptures of women found across many cultures back to the ancients. Collaborating across millennia, the silueta is both goddess and every-woman—the body is emptied, out-lined, echoed in presence and absence. Published by Fivehundred places, founded in 2012 by Jason Dodge. On the cover of each book is a dead scissor by Paul Elliman.

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