Japanese Women Artists in Avant-Garde Movements, 1950–1975
Published by Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi, 2005, 208 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 19.8 × 24.2 cm, Japanese/English
Price: €90

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Japanese Women Artists in Avant-Garde Movements, 1950–1975 at Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, 24 July–11 September, 2005. Including artists Atsuko Tanaka, Yayoi Kusama, Mieko Shiomi, Yoko Ono, Sawako Goda, Shigeko Kubota, Mitsuko Tabe, Miyori Hayashi, Yuri Nonaka, Takako Saito and many more.

*Please note this publication is secondhand and has some traces of previous ownership.

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(Wine label)
Marc Camille Chaimowicz
Published by Abbaye de Saint-Ferme, Saint-Ferme, 2005, wine label (colour & b/w ill.), 9 × 12 cm, French
Price: €32

Wine label designed by Marc Camille Chaimowicz.

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Celebration? Realife: Revisited
Marc Camille Chaimowicz
Published by Alberta Press, 2005, 98 pp. with CD (colour & b/w ill.), 21.3 × 26.1 cm, English
Price: €95

Presents the original installation Celebration? Realife by Chaimowicz at Gallery House, London, 1972, as well as the recent re-installations at the Cabinet Gallery, London; the Migros Museum, Zurich and the FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon.

Texts by Alison Bracker, Matthew Higgs.

#2005 #marccamillechaimowicz #matthewhiggs
30 - 版画掌誌「ときの忘れもの」第05号 C版
Takao Hiwasaki
Published by Toki-no-Wasuremono, Tokyo,2005, (b/w ill.), 26 × 32 cm, Japanese
Price: €38

Takao Hiwasaki is credited with reviving the wood engraving technique in Japan, where it was introduced by Britain in the Meiji period as a means of quickly reproducing works before falling out of favour with the arrival of photomechanical methods. He taught himself the medium in the 1960s after reading Onchi Koshiro’s book on Japanese printmaking, Nihon no gendai hanga, as a fine art technique rather than for reproduction, applying his Modernist, sometimes Surrealist styles to his compositions. This inspired the formation of the group Nomi no Kai (The Chisels) by admirers and followers of the technique, which helped launch Japan’s wood engraving renaissance in the 1970s.

*Please note this publication is secondhand and has some traces of previous ownership.

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Marc Nagtzaam
Published by Roma Publications, 2005, 16 pages (b/w ill.), 16 × 22 cm, English
Price: €15

Consisting of eight drawings by Marc Nagtzaam: As Far as I’m Concerned, 13 JAN.1973 / JULY 4, 1973, Ins and Outs, Not One, Not Two but Three, The Sound of Something Happening, Pantone, Polaroid & To the White Sea and Beyond. Edition of 400.

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Passionate Signals
Martha Rosler
Published by Hatje Cantz, Berlin, 2005, 288 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 24.8 × 17.5 cm, English / German
Price: €25

Most of the encounters that unfold in Martha Rosler’s works originate in seemingly ordinary everyday situations: scenes of domestic life or everyday activities such as shopping, watching the news, reading the newspaper, or traveling. The photographic series featured in this book – works from the eighties to the present—are also devoted to these themes. They are studies of the highways and byways of daily life, views of roads, subway tunnels, airports, shopping districts, parking lots, and the like. These photographic documents of Rosler’s also offer critical insights into day-to-day movements within rigidly structured relationships of power.

#2005 #martharosler #photography