Ginger&Piss #3: Private
Published by Kunstverein Publishing, Amsterdam, 2016, 20 pages (b/w ill.), 15 × 29 cm, English
Price: €15

Kunstverein’s in house magazine is a cross between an academic journal and a darts club newsletter. Each issue ​’Ginger&Piss’​ (the name is a misquotation of Laurence Weiner) contains a limited amount of contributions that vary in length according to the subject matter at hand. The remit of ‘​Ginger&Piss​’ is simple; to provide a platform for candid critique but at the same time allow the author to stay hidden. The concept dictates that each contributor writes under a pseudonym; the use of pseudonyms can be considered an answer to the cowardice of the art world, albeit a somewhat hypocritical one.

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This is a Work of Fiction
Alina Lupu
Published by Alina Lupu, Amsterdam, 2019, 160 pages, 11 × 16 cm, English
Price: €15 (Temporarily out of stock)

A collection of texts about the precarious situation of working and living as an artist. The short story goes through real and imagined situations that relate to the vulnerability of the artistic profession and the many compromises that have to be made along the way.

Alina Lupu, born 1985 in Romania, is a post-conceptual artist and writer. She has a background in psychology, photography and an incomplete education in fine arts. Through a paperwork mishandling committed by the housing corporation Ymere, she still resides in Amsterdam, 6 years and counting, in spite of a wave of encroaching gentrification. A fluke. As of December 2018, she´s had the fortune of getting funded by the local Dutch authorities through the Mondriaan Fond. Before that and throughout putting together most of these texts, she was alternately employed and contracted by Deliveroo, Helpling, Foodora, Uber, Hanze Groningen, Willem de Kooning Rotterdam, de Taart van m´n Tante, and Poké Perfect Amsterdam. Her pension will eventually total a bit over 2 Euros per month.

Designed by Andreea Peterfi.

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Dictionary Dressings
Femke de Vries
Published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2017, 392 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 21 × 29.5 cm, English
Price: €25 (Out of stock)

Dictionary Dressings is an ongoing research project by Femke de Vries that uses the nature of the dictionary definition as a “zero condition” for a piece of clothing to decode clothes and explore an alternative fashion vocabulary.

The book contains an introductory conversation by the editor/artist/researcher Femke de Vries with Ruby Hoette, text contributions by Joke Robaard and Barbara Brownie and visual contributions by BLESS, Conny Groenewegen, Elisa van Joolen and Students from the HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht) 2015/16.

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Toine Horvers
Published by Toine Horvers, Rotterdam, 2018, unpaginated, 11.5 × 17 cm, English
Price: €15

“Every now and then, I briefly describe the bodily positions Jo and myself are laying in as we awaken. Still half asleep, usually with my eyes closed, I try to work out our positions in relation to one another and in relation to gravity. 46 of those descriptions are collected in this book”—Toine Horvers

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Chartres: one hour of sound in a gothic cathedral
Toine Horvers
Published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2018, 124 pages, 16 × 23 cm, English
Price: €15 (Out of stock)

“On a weekday in 1999, from a fixed point inside Chartres cathedral, I made an hour long sound recording. At the time of recording, no organised religious activity was taking place. The building was being visited by tourists and groups of believers who were talking, praying and singing.

In 2013, I began to translate this universe of sounds into words and sentences, without stating the source of the sound or referring to the physical space of the cathedral.”—Toine Horvers

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To look at things
Revue Faire n°22
Published by Faire, Paris, 2020, 80 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 20 × 29 cm, English / French
Price: €14

Revue Faire is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to graphic design, published from October to June, distributed each two months in the form of anthologies of three or four issues. Created by Empire, Syndicat studio’s publishing house. Each publication documents a specific object, addressed by a renowned author, for this edition François Havegeer and Sacha Léopold (Syndicat) invited Aurélien Mole, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Mathias Augustyniak (M/M Paris) and Thierry Chancogne to express their views on art posters, artist posters, posters made by artists, posters made with artists, posters made for artists, and the occasional participation of graphic designers.

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