Dear Clay
Stéphanie Baechler
Published by Building Fictions, Amsterdam, 2020, 240 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 20 × 28 cm, with 3 embroidered bookmarks and loose envelope, English
Price: €30

Dear Clay gathers a selection of spreads extracted from Stéphanie Baechler’s meticulous sketchbooks displayed in chronological order (2013–2019), as well as 35mm photographs documenting her working process. Providing an intimate insight into her artistic practice, it reveals what facilitates the work from its conception to its making, transportation, and installation.

With texts by Zoë Dankert, Stéphanie Baechler, Jan Verwoert and Rudy Guedj. Designed by Rudy Guedj and Laura Pappa.

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I See That I See What You Don’t See
Published by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, 2019, 13 pages (b/w ill.), 14.7 × 29.7 cm, English / Italian
Price: €4 (Out of stock)

Produced on the occasion of I See That I See What You Don’t See, the official Dutch contribution to the XXII Triennale di Milano, 1 March–1 September, 2019. Designed by Rudy Guedj.

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Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble)
Rudy Guedj and Will Pollard
Published by Building Fictions, Amsterdam, 2018, 52 pages (b/w ill.), screenprinted transparent PVC cover, 18 × 31 cm, English
Price: €18

Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble) was originally created for the exhibition Signals From The Periphery, held at the Tallinn Art Hall in July 2017. The installation consisted of a wall drawing and a video with sound and narration. The work is a collaboration between the designer and illustrator Rudy Guedj (installation, video, drawings, book design), and the writer Will Pollard (text, narration in the video).

The publication Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble) puts the original text and illustrations into a new dialogue, thus working both as a documentation and a final translation of the work.

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Real-Time Realist #1
Jung-Lee Type Foundry
Published by J-L TF Press, Amsterdam, 2017, 11 × 18 cm, 224 pages, (colour & b/w ill.), English
Price: €15 (Out of stock)

Real-Time Realist is a first publication of J-L TF PRESS. This issue of Real-Time Realist explores amazement, distraction, surprise and awe (the blue sector of Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions) with contributions from invited artists distilling the aforementioned emotions.

Edited Charlie Clemoes and Jungmyung Lee. Design by Karlis Krecers. Contributions by Charlie Clemoes, Max Gershfield, Rudy Guedj, Mathew Kneebone, Lieven Lahaye, Carson Lee, Jungmyung Lee, Laura Pappa, Will Pollard, and Josse Pyl

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