Casual Relationships
Max Creasy
Published by InOtherWords, London, 2018, single section mounted into a case with exposed core and 4 foil blocks to cover, 56 pages (colour ill.), 21.8 × 30.6 cm, English
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Casual Relationships explores the mechanisms at work in the construction of visual culture. By carefully curating and simulating photographs from contemporary vernacular sources, Max Creasy identifies the way these images are endorsed within social groups and norm circles. The sequencing and design of the publication articulate the associations and patterns discerned from this promiscuous collection of images. The book is offered as a 56pp single section mounted into a case with exposed core and 4 foil blocks to cover.

Designed by OK-RM, London.

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Before Contingency After the Fact
Gabriel Kuri
Published by South London Gallery, London, 2011, 3 × 16 page booklets glued inside hardcover folder, (colour & b/w ill.), 21.5 × 28 cm, English
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Produced on the occasion of Gabriel Kuri: before contingency after the fact, South London Gallery, 29 September–27 November 2011.

Focusing on the objects and space that mediate human relationships, Gabriel Kuri explores the potential for transformation latent in familiar situations when observed from an unconventional angle. Playing with the principles of minimalism and the history of consumption, he integrates elements of everyday life into sculptures and collages. Residues of human interactions—plastic bags, advertising flyers, receipts, and tickets—are brought together with stones, coins, and cigarette butts. He questions the given tenets of contemporary culture, through poetic juxtapositions and hybrid objects that rethink the mundane and find the eloquent and the extraordinary in daily life.

Designed by OK-RM, London.

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