Vogliamo Tutto
Nanni Balestrini
Published by Telephone Publishing, Melbourne, 2014, 198 pages, 13.8 × 20.5 cm, English
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“Vogliamo tutto: We want everything—all the wealth, all the power, and no work.”

Torino, 1969. Fiat’s giant Mirafiori plant is a magnet for thousands of young southern workers, who go north to escape oppression, poverty and underdevelopment and find only exploitation and abuse on the assembly lines.

Nanni Balestrini draws on interviews, flyers and the movement’s bulletins to document workers’ experiences on the factory floor, in the meetings and demonstrations and, finally, at the barricades, creating a poetic remix of a novel, a searching documentary and a call to arms for a just society.

Translated from the Italian by Matt Holden. Designed by Warren Taylor.

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