My Weight in Gold
Published by ll’Editions, Gothenburg, 2020, postcards in envelope (colour & b/w ill.), 14.8 × 10.5 cm, English
Price: €11

A-FL’s 78 kilograms (2020) is the first installment in an annual edition of postcards, titled My Weight in Gold. The phrase is a pun on the metaphoric idiom ‘worth its weight in gold’, which has its origin in the Roman Empire and first appeared in English by the early 1300s.

For each edition, A-FL weighs himself, after which seeks out four objects of the same weight. Images of these objects, in this first installment ranging from a naval ammunition rig to ten cans of 3Coty Cat Food, are printed as postcards with the corresponding weight hot-foiled in gold onto them.

The four cards are collected in an envelope, with 312 kilograms rubber stamped in gold on its recto side; making up the total weight of the objects on the cards when added together.

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Leporello N° 01
Heimo Zobernig
Published by ll’Editions, Gothenburg, 2021, leporello in rigid box (b/w ill.), 9.9 × 14.2 cm (unfolded 99 × 14.2 cm), English
Price: €32

For the first volume in The Leporello Series, Heimo Zobernig makes optimal use of the accordion format, allowing rhythmic wording and typography to seamlessly transcend from individual words and phrases to shapes and structure.

Inhabiting a space between book and paper sculpture, the leporellos are printed on delicate Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper. Each volume in the series is limited to 250 numbered copies and come in a bespoke rigid box, with the title hot foiled both on its front and on its spine, allowing it to sit comfortably in a bookshelf when not on display.

Heimo Zobernig is an Austrian artist widely acclaimed for his works in a variety of media, ranging from painting and sculpture to video, performance and site specific installation and design.

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