Drafting futures, remembering a building
Rosa te Velde
Published by de Appel, Amsterdam, 2021, 288 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 12 × 17 cm, English / Dutch
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Drafting futures, remembering a building explores, connects and recalls the many lives of one building in Amsterdam Nieuw-West over the span of more than sixty years. From when it was first built as ‘CSG Pascal’, a hypermodern school building; through its near demise when it was reformed as ‘Calvijn College’; then, its designation as a refugee shelter; and to its current, temporary status as a creative ‘hub’, known as ‘Broedplaats Lely’ and home to de Appel. Plans for the future are constantly made and unmade – what will this place become? How does this building help to understand the ideologies behind city planning, segregation and gentrification? How does this building reveal the different guises of the ‘politics of forgetting’ and how to work against them?

Edited by Hannah Cheney. Designed by Bardhi Haliti & Zuzana Kostelanská.

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