Vlado Martek
Published by Sesame Galerija, Dubrovnik, 1989, 4 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 14.5 × 21.5 cm, English
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Vlado Martek’s artistic beginnings go back to the time of the Group of Six Artists (Grupa šestorice autora, 1975–1979), which pursued its activities outside gallery spaces, mainly in the streets of Zagreb, seeking contact and dialogue with random passersby. Holding degrees in comparative literature and philosophy, Martek lucidly translated his wide knowledge of philosophy and poetry into art with his verbally and artistically poetic and socially critical statements.

*Please note this publication is secondhand and has some traces of previous ownership.

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Neću (I don´t want to)
Sven Stilinović
Published by DAF – obrt za izdavanje knjiga, Zagreb, 2017, 208 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 21 × 24 cm, Croatian / English
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Sven Stilinović was still a schoolboy when he started exhibiting with the Group of Six Artists on the streets of Zagreb in 1975. Photographic enlargements of small collages in which he recycled fragments of older photographs and tiny objects, as well as series where photographs of garbage interchange in a photographic sequence with photographs of cluttered shops raise the issue of photographic motif, while in “Comparison of the development of painting and non-development of photography” (1975) he concludes that that which is offered as a history of photography does not lead to its openness and creativity.

With texts from Ivana Bago, Branko Cerovac, Suzana Marjanić, Vlado Martek, Mladen Stilinović, Sven Stilinović, Branka Stipančić, Raša Todosijević, Goran Trbuljak.

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