Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble)
Rudy Guedj and Will Pollard
Published by Building Fictions, Amsterdam, 2018, 52 pages (b/w ill.), screenprinted transparent PVC cover, 18 × 31 cm, English
Price: €18

Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble) was originally created for the exhibition Signals From The Periphery, held at the Tallinn Art Hall in July 2017. The installation consisted of a wall drawing and a video with sound and narration. The work is a collaboration between the designer and illustrator Rudy Guedj (installation, video, drawings, book design), and the writer Will Pollard (text, narration in the video).

The publication Tummy Rumble (To Me, Rubble) puts the original text and illustrations into a new dialogue, thus working both as a documentation and a final translation of the work.

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