Katie Farris
Published by Fivehundred places, Berlin, 2017, 15.1 × 11.2 cm, English
Price: €10

A young girl is licked raw by a panther’s tongue; a 116 year-old man checks his answering machine; genitalia are morphed and re-imagined. The stories of Thirteen Intimacies are uncanny in the truest sense: strangely familiar. ‘Intimacy’ becomes corporeal, metaphysical, animal, all at once. Katie Farris’s prose pieces, sometimes categorised as ‘flash fiction’, are known hybrids of fairytale, mundanities, myth and biology, emerging from a writer who straddles many disciplines. Published by Fivehundred places, founded in 2012 by Jason Dodge. On the cover of each book is a dead scissor by Paul Elliman.

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