The Griefers of Bandung
Published by the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem, 2017, 128 pages, 11.7 × 16.7 cm, English
Price: €15

Dark web gamers, virtual posers, nomadic dreamers, far-out spacers and mystic tracers ~ The Griefers of Bandung transmits the voices of a generation on the cusp of its own rising sign….

Synopsis: Dutch art student Elsemieke Kiekens has just spent the last three months in Bandung, searching for love and fighting alongside a local activist collective. Meanwhile, her virtual avatar Virgo has become a resistance hero involved in weapons-trafficking, corporate-boycotts, rally-organising, illegal-fundraising and cybertheft. It turns out the effects of these operations are not limited to cyberspace. Now, overwhelmed by a series of unexpected encounters, Elsemieke finds herself on a plane back to the Netherlands. She is soon to understand that the worst is yet to come.

The Griefers of Bandung is published in the context of the DAI 2016–17 COOP Academy Publishing Class, I Left my pdf in Arnhem, curated by Sarah Pierce and Tirdad Zolghadr.