No kitchen ever belongs to me
Maike Hemmers
Published by Maike Hemmers, Rotterdam, 2020, 22 pages (colour ill.), 21 × 29.7 cm, English
Price: €15

No kitchen ever belongs to me is a publication that follows a research residency at De Kiefhoek Museum House, Rotterdam by Maike Hemmers alongside Ian Clewe in the summer of 2019. It constitutes one part of two: the second publication is Affording Modernism: Dwelling and Abstraction by Ian Clewe.

This essay aims to unpack some of the conditions under which the social housing complex De Kiefhoek was built. To look at the history of a building offers an understanding of contemporary living conditions we so often accept as natural, guiding us to reflect on the kind of life we live in the paths laid by urban planning and architecture. But aligning with a love ethic, I practice connection rather than division and ask: What does an architecture of love look like?

#2020 #maikehemmers