Handbook in Motion
Simone Forti
Published by Contact Editions, 1998, 152 pages (b/w ill.), 17.4 × 22.1 cm, English
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An Account of an Ongoing Personal Discourse and Its Manifestations in Dance.

Tracing a period in her life from the 1969 Woodstock Festival through the following years living on the land, this singular dance artist’s direct and poetic writings bring a turbulent transitional era to life. Arriving in New York in the early 60’s from California, she brought with her a series of pieces that proved to be a serious influence on the development of “post modern” dance in years to come. Her “dance-constructions” were based on a concern with bodies in action, the movement not being stylized or presented for its visual line but rather as a physical fact. Combining drawings, “dance reports” (short descriptions of events whose movement made a deep impression on the author’s memory), and documentary materials such as scores, descriptions, letters to colleagues, and photographic records of performances, Forti’s eye toward creating idioms for exploring natural forms and behaviors is evident throughout.

*This is the reprint by Contact Editions and not the original 1st edition by Novia Scotia College of Art and Design from 1974.

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