Me in my going out of myself (and you in yours)
Reinier Vrancken & Émile Hermans
Published by Reinier Vrancken, Rotterdam, 2022, 8 pages and inserts (colour & b/w ill.), 21 × 29.7 cm, English
Price: €5

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Me in my going out of myself (and you in yours) by Reinier Vrancken & Émile Hermans at SB34 The Pool, Brussels. Designed by Robert Milne.

“…exchanges and relationships—from me to you and vice versa—with circulating objects and identities, fiction and artificiality, and unstable ontological statuses. From Émile Hermans to Reinier Vrancken, or the other way around, it’s a matter of becoming the other a little, of letting oneself be taken in hand so as to project unexpressed desires. In the space of SB34-The Pool, clothes are lent, flowers offered, we breathe the scent of a stranger, choose the work of a friend, project ourselves through it, and finally, with circumspection, decide on the status of what we have observed.”—exhibition press release

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