The Indirect Source of Illumination, The Best Mode Of Consultancy :
An Allegorical Light
Noah Barker
Published by Fanta-MLN, Milan & Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan, 2023, unpaginated (b/w ill.), 21 × 14.5 cm, English
Price: €14

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition of the work lux principum by Noah Barker at Aedicula Raffaella Cortese, Albisola Superiore (SV), Italy, 2023. A stainless-steel light supplemented with an annotated design manual, the work aimed to provide advice or guidance for a potential leader in the medieval genre of “mirror for princes”. In substituting the furnishing of reflection for illumination, the light accounts for political structure in western democracies today. Printed in an edition of 200.

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