Geometrija vremena—Kolaži 1993–1977
Mladen Stilinović
Published by Centar z akulturu i obrazovanje, Zagreb, 1993, 4 pages (b/w ill.), 16.5 × 23.5 cm, Croation
Price: €35

Produced on the occasion of Mladen Stilinović’s exhibition Geometrija vremena—Kolaži 1993-1977 (Geometry of Time: Collages 1993–1977) at Centar z akulturu i obrazovanje, Zagreb, 1993.

Mladen Stilinović frequently employed everyday materials in his work, bringing into focus the interconnection of politics, language, artistic production, and daily life. From 1975–79 he was a member of Zagreb’s Group of Six Artists. His work included drawings, collages, photographs, artist books, paintings, installations, actions, films, and video.

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