4 Cartes Postales
Mirtha Dermisache
Published by Guy Schraenen Éditeur, Antwerp, 1978, four cards in folder (b/w ill.), 15.8 × 11 cm, English
Price: €200

Four postcards in a folder published by Guy Schraenen éditeur, 1978. Argentinian artist Mirtha Dermisache wrote dozens of books, hundreds of letters and postcards, and countless texts. Not a single one was legible, yet, in their promixity to language, they all resonate with a mysterious potential for meaning. Using ink on paper, Dermisache invented an array of graphic languages, each with its own unique lexical and syntactic structure, laden with poetic and sometimes visceral suggestion.

*Please note this publication is secondhand and has some traces of previous ownership.

#1978 #concretepoetry #ephemera #guyschraenen #mirthadermisache