Michel Foucault Letters
Kevin Immanuel
Published by Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, 2009, 16 pages, 15.4 × 22 cm, English
Price: €7

Michel Foucault Letters documents artist Kevin Immanuel’s ongoing project archiving the supposed correspondence between the famous philosopher and a number of galleries and art institutions throughout Europe, North America, and China. The letters were, in fact, written by Immanuel himself, both as a literalization of Foucault’s emphasis on the importance of cultivating an “ironic stance” toward one’s present situation (in Immanuel’s case, the crisis of being a young artist trying to strike up a meaningful discourse with art institutions), and as a poignant critique of the relationship between art institutions and their patrons. Each letter contains a polite request to become a member of the institution, offers a monetary donation, and actively attempts to initiate a critical dialogue with the institution about its programming and exhibitions.

#2009 #werkplaatstypografie