Schloßpark Pansevitz
Jason Dodge
Self published, 2017, unpaginated (colour ill.) in corner-stapled cardboard box, 15.8 × 22 cm, English
Price: €55 (Temporarily out of stock)

Published on the occasion of Jason Dodge’s 2017 exhibition at the Schloßpark Pansevitz.

“The things in this book were once precious or at least kept for one reason or another. As Governments have fallen and currencies have been replaced, coins that were once used for buying things have stopped being circulated. The simple value of silver by weight is what connects these coins to necklaces, rings, tea sets and pins, now, all of these pieces of silver have become exchanged for money, the cash they could fetch has outweighed any sentimental or aesthetic value.

All of these things in this book are now hidden, lost between trees, in lakes, in the grass and under rocks throughout Schlosspark Pansevitz.” Camilla v.d. Bussche

Printed in an edition of 75 signed and numbered copies.

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