The carpenter of your neighbourhood
Ilke Gers
Published by DOLCE. Athens, 2020, 108 pages (b/w ill.), 15.3 × 21.2 cm, English
Price: €14

The carpenter of your neighbourhood is an attempt to draw a socio-psychological portrait of Nea Ionia, a district in north-western Athens.

Extending her research into improvised communication practices within local contexts, Ilke Gers collected makeshift paper flyers and notices in the area and called the numbers provided in the collected material, requiring additional information in English. The resulting encounters ranged from abrupt hang ups to longer talks, testing the limits and potential of this interactive exercise.

This artist book compiles the translated street notices, together with the transcripts of the resulting phone discussions between the artist and anonymous respondents to the respective listed phone numbers.

#2020 #ilkegers