Continuous Moment: Le Desir/Dejeuner
Damiano Bertoli
Published by The Narrows, Melbourne, 2018, 4 pages (b/w ill.), 10.5 × 29.7 cm (folded) 21 × 29.7 cm (unfolded), English
Price: €2

Produced on the occasion of Continuous Moment: Le Desir/Lejeuner, presented by Melbourne Srt Theatre at the Gossard Theatre, RMIT School of Art, June 25, 2018.

Continuous Moment: Le Desir/Lejeuner is part of Bertoli’s ongoing research and investigation into Picasso’s play Le Désir Attrapé par la Queue (Desire Captured by the Tail). Referring to both a 1944 reading of the play and a staging of the play in 1967 by Jean Jacques Lebel, Bertoli’s work addresses ideas of repetition, reprise and continuity. Like Picasso’s text and Lebel’s production, Bertoli draws on a vast network of references and influences. In this light,Continuous Moment: Le Desir/Lejeuner can be understood as an assemblage of existing voices through which Bertoli is part of the aggregating authorship around ‘Le Désir’.

Designed by Warren Taylor.

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