Continuous Moment: Big Foot’s Studio
Damiano Bertoli
Published by The Narrows, Melbourne, 2016, 4 page concertina fold (b/w ill.), 10.5 × 29.7 cm (folded) 42 × 29.7 cm (unfolded), English
Price: €2

Produced on the occasion ofContinuous Moment: Big Foot’s Studio, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 5 October–5 November, 2016.

Continuous Moment: Big Foot’s Studio is part of Bertoli’s ongoing research and investigation into Picasso’s play Le Désir Attrapé par la Queue (Desire Captured by the Tail). Referring to both a 1944 reading of the play and a staging of the play in 1967 by Jean Jacques Lebel, Bertoli’s work addresses ideas of repetition, reprise and continuity. Like Picasso’s text and Lebel’s production, Bertoli draws on a vast network of references and influences. In this light, Continuous Moment: Big Foot’s Studio can be understood as an assemblage of existing voices through which Bertoli is part of the aggregating authorship around ‘Le Désir’.

Text By Rex Butler. Designed by Warren Taylor.

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