Christopher Williams
Published by Haubrok Foundation, Berlin, 2021, leporello (b/w ill.), 28 × 35 cm, English
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Produced on the occasion of Christopher Williams, Werbung: Adapted for Use and Provisional Prop. A 48-Hour Display of Quality Framing Materials, 29 April–27 June, 2021, Strausberger Platz 19 & Kino international, Berlin; Werbung: Adapted for use, 29 April–24 June, 2021, Haubrok Foundation, Strausberger Platz 19, Berlin; Provisional Prop, screening: 25 June, 2021, 5.30 pm, Kino International, Berlin; Kochgeschirr: Adapted For Use, 28 April–17 July, 2021, Capitain Petzel, Berlin.

A video documenting the exhibition can be seen here.

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